About us

We at Janicka are a family run business that is passionate about bringing to you beautiful quality, hand made scarves, shawls and blankets that we know you will love to wear and use.
We are a mix of Czech and Australian, we all love the outdoors, relaxing and outgoing family life and want to bring some of the European styling that we loved to people that appreciate stunning but sustainable and ethical products. 
All our products are specifically hand made for that personal feel that you can enjoy every time you touch them.
Our very popular triangle scarves are made right here in our home from 100% cotton, making them all limited run items that are sure to give you that unique and individual look you are after.
Our other products are responsibly sourced from Nepal and are all made by hand on old style hand weaving looms for that truly exclusive and special touch.
From the more budget conscious person that is seeking a soft, warm, vibrant and fashionable scarf, shawl or blanket that will stand out from the crowd with our cotton blend lines, to the ultimate in luxurious feel and warmth provided by our Yak wool and silk scarves and 100% pure Cashmere scarves.
We love and are passionate about the products that we have and make and would love you to join the family that is Janicka by wearing, or the gift of to someone special to you, one of our products.
Best regards
Hana Jelinek.
P.S. We would like to thank Rachel from Rachel Radovini Photography for her work and amazing photos.